Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens

Customize Your Backyard

At Mr. Fireplace, we’ve been an integral part in helping thousands of Melbourne, FL-area clients achieve the kitchens of their dreams with our massive selection of grills, smokers, and bar-b-que accessories. 

Manufacturer of the quietest, most efficient, and easiest to clean range hoods in the world. For more than 80 years, Vent-A-Hood® has maintained its specialization in kitchen ventilation, achieving the prestige of being known as the definitive home kitchen ventilation brand in the appliance industry.

Custom builders, kitchen designers and homeowners love our craftsmanship, quality and reputation.

Design Your Dream

Vent-A-Hood provides over 200 different custom kitchen ventilation range hood canopies, fitting every design style to go over ranges, stoves and cooktops.

Nothing comes close to venting your cooking equipment like a Vent-A-Hood with the Magic Lung®. This award-winning technology is unparalleled in the industry, becoming a hallmark of Vent-A-Hood® products and ridding the air of cooking contaminants to capture and remove heat, grease, odors, smoke and steam. 

And the Magic Lung® doesn’t just remove cooking contaminants better. It’s Whisper Quiet® performance includes the lowest sone rating in the industry. Go ahead and turn up the power, cook to your heart’s content and carry on a conversation. The range hood won’t interfere. In fact, you’ll barely notice it running.

Electric Grill Island

The FireMagic Electric Grill provides a quick, clean and easy grilling. Great for patios with limited space, or where gas is unavailable. Island made of durable glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) in a stylish sleek finish.